Advantages of HZS25 Mini Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

  A mobile concrete batching plant is a portable plant combining functions of raw material feeding, weighing, lifting and mixing. It concentrates all configuration of a concrete batching plant in one movable vehicle, proving to be the most suitable plant model for construction projects of railways, bridges, harbors etc. An hzs25 mini mobile concrete batching plant has a productivity of 25 cubic meters per hour. It’s the smallest type of mobile concrete batching plant.
hzs25 mini mobile concrete batching plant

  Advantages of hzs25 mini mobile concrete batching plant include simply complete structures, convenient site transfers, excellent properties and adaptable design. As the saying goes, a small sparrow has all necessary parts. Mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers take all possible needs of users into account, trying to provide a portable plant with the same performance as a stationary plant. Therefore, a mini mobile plant has all four systems of conveying, weighing, mixing and control, only with a different layout that is more suitable for dismantling and delivery. A mobile plant can be finished installing within hours if there’s no need for civil engineering, and can be put into work within a day, especially suitable for projects of short deadlines. Equipped with tires and a traction pin, a towing vehicle for a mini mobile concrete batching plant travels at 60km per hour. The only wires needing to be disconnected are those for screw conveyors and cement silos. In spite of its mini body, a hzs25 mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with a twin-shaft compulsive concrete mixer of js500 that deals with dry, half dry and wet concretes excellently. The design of an hzs25 mini mobile concrete batching plant is so adaptable that a distributor and a concrete mixer form a simple plant. This, however, entails more labor work in operation, only suitable for really small or temporary projects of short periods. A formal hzs25 mini mobile concrete batching plant, on the other hand, can even be equipped with an automatic control system which helps the plant to work more efficiently and smoothly. Most mini mobile plants can be controlled both automatically and manually, for fully automatic control systems are more suitable for plants of 60m3 and above.