HZS50 Mobile concrete batching plant price

  At present models of mobile concrete batching plant range from YHZS25 to YHZS120, namely from 25m3/h to 120m3/h. A mobile batching plant price has a lot to do with its model, for the configuration by a supplier is stable with a model. Here let’s take YHZS50 mobile concrete batching plant for example.
This is an hzs50 mobile concrete batching plant.

  YHZS50 mobile batching plant is a concrete yielding equipment of a novel design. It has all functions and parts of a stationary plant of the same capacity, sharing similar operation and maintenance methods with a stationary plant. The YHZS50 mobile batching plant price is around 400 thousand RMB, including computer control room, weighing system, concrete mixer, distributor and belt conveyor, and excluding cement silos, screw conveyor or towing vehicle.

  The parts of a mobile batching plant is relatively stable, and it’s more recommendable to purchase a whole set of plant from the same supplier rather than get different parts from varied suppliers, for a mixer from one supplier may not match a distributor from another supplier. Basket purchase seems to be more expensive, but it saves you money and time in the long run. As for mobile batching plant price for other models, you can just contact us for more information. The most expensive is around 1 million RMB. One thing worth mentioning is that you may get different prices from different suppliers for the same model of mobile concrete batching plant, since production costs varies from one supplier to another.