SICOMA Concrete Mixer 2.0m3

Specification of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 2.0m3

The art in concrete mixing is to make a batch of concrete quickly and completely. The Sicoma 's powerful compulsory spiral mixing action throws particles from each side of the mixer towards the center, where they combine; the water is forced through powerful jets into the mix, where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly, forming the strongest concrete.

Feature of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 2.0m3

1.Air purged multi seals to enhance bearing life and effectively avoid slurry leakage.
2.Unique monitoring system to monitor the running conditions of gearbox, hydraulic door opening and lubrication pump.
3.Automatic multi pump units for shaft lubrication, special pump pin unit design. No more grease distributor maintenance trouble.4.Multi pipes water spraying system to ensure fast and thorough mixing.
5.Optional weighing system, high pressure cleaning system and microwave moisture monitoring system.
6.Heavy duty design, stable operation.
7.Dam work models for oversize aggregated maximum size 180mm, equipped with wearable linings 20mm thickness 8.and high strength blades.

Technical Parameters of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 2.0m3

Specification Value
Discharging Volume(L) 2000
Charging Volume(L) 3000
Mixer Capacity(m3)
Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
Reducer(Brand) Choosed
Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
Working Circle(S) 60
Mixer Motor Power(KW) 2x37
Mixing Speed(r/min) 35.5
Mixing Blade(Quantity) 2x8
Lifting Motor Power(KW) 21
Pump Motor Power(KW) 3
Weight(KG) 7500
Dimensions(mm) 2400x3500x2175