JZC500 Concrete Mixer

Characters of JZC500 Concrete Mixer

1. The capacity is about 0.5 m3 for miixng;
2. For small or medium project.
For this machine, it has an order to  reduce the labor intensity, and  this type of mixer is light weight and has two wheels below which make for moving conveniently.
From the perspective of size, this type of mini concrete mixer is ideal for small to medium projects. For being equipped with double- conic reversing drum transited by gear rim, JZC concrete mixer is also known as gear type concrete mixer, Small Concrete Mixer. The paint cover protects the machine from splashing wet and getting rusty. 
Technical Parameters of JZC500 Concrete Mixer
Specification Value
Discharging Volume(L) 500
Charging Volume(L) 800
Mixer Capacity(m3) 0.5
Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
Reducer(Brand) Choosed
Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
Working Circle(S) 72
Mixer Motor Power(KW) 11
Mixing Speed(r/min) 15.7
Weight(KG) 3100
Dimensions(mm) 5226x2200x5460