JS2000 Concrete Mixer

Features of JS2000 Concrete Mixer

1. This js2000 concrete mixer uses high-chromium and high-molybdenum scale boards and stirring pieces, with a long service time.
2. Shaft seal is applied with patented air pressure seal, which can effectively prevent the leakage of mortars.
3. Auto-lubrication system ensures the mixing system can operate continually for a long time.
4. As a miniature double-horizontal-shaft forced type concrete mixer, this concrete mixing machine features short mixing time, good homogeneity and reliable operation.
5. Shaft tip is sealed by floating-ring, which is reliable and easy to maintain and replace.
JS2000 concrete mixer has been widely used in the industrial areas, like the big construction sites, the real estate buildings, the bridge working sites, the overpass and so on. 

Techinal Parameters of JS2000 Concrete Mixer

Specification Value
Discharging Volume(L) 2000
Charging Volume(L) 3000
Mixer Capacity(m3) 2.0
Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
Reducer(Brand) Choosed
Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
Working Circle(S) 60
Mixer Motor Power(KW) 74
Mixing Speed(r/min) 35.5
Mixing Blade(Quantity) 2x7
Lifting Motor Power(KW) 21
Pump Motor Power(KW) 3
Weight(KG) 9200
Dimensions(mm) 6500x3875x11510