HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Main Characters of HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck  

1. Design of a large volume of mixing drum, so that it has a larger loading space and agitation space. 
2. Low center of gravity, making the vehicle has a higher stability when driving. 
3. Compact closed hydraulic circuit system can improve work efficiency. 
4. temperature switches can ensure that the temperature of the hydraulic system is not always higher than 65 ℃. 
5. Sub-frame with box-shaped structure can increase the tensional performance of the vehicle. 
6. The feed hopper and discharge chute swing liner wear are added to improve the service life. 
Concrete mixer truck is mainly used in the long-distance building areas, and it has adopts advanced technology from abroad. it is convinent to transport the cement. this kind of concrete truck mixer has different models in haome, like 6m³,8m³,9m³,10m³,12m³,14m³,16m³. different models can be suitable for different situation according to customers's requirements. Besides, some parts of this machine are from German and America. Stirring vat body and helical vanes all adopt B520JJ single-purpose special fine crystal particle hard wearing steel plate from Shanghai Baogang while the easy wearing positions having much contact with concrete such as feeding and discharge bucket chutes,etc. are also stuck with hard wearing steel plate, which correspondingly give the product rather long using life.        
Multiple mixing arms are set in stirring vat while square and round holes are scientifically arranged in mixing vanes, which both realize real three-dimensional mixing work of concrete with discharge surplus nearly achieving zero and with concrete eduction greatly avoided. Mobile discharge chute can be locked at 4 different positions to achieve discharge operation in different directions. The whole truck adopts blasting and baking finish to produce an elegant and pleasing outline with such advantages as smooth and reliable slewing, speedy discharge,low surplus rate,handy operation,and long using life.               

Technical Parameters of HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck  

Specification Value
Mixing Capacity(m³) 8
Tank Volume(m³) 12.8
Feeding Speed(m³/min) ≥3
Discharging Speed(m³/min) ≥1.5
Residual Ratio of Discharging(%) ≤0.5%
Water Supply System Air pressure
Water Tank Volume(L) 260
Overall Dimension(mm) 8715*2496*3800
Chassis Model HOWO
Clutch(φ) φ430 Monolithic dry type
Min Ground Clearance(mm) 314
Max Speed(km/h) 90
Engine Max Output Power(kw) 276
Emission Standard Euro Ⅲ
Rated Load(kgs) 13500
Overall Weight(kgs) 25000
Wheelbase(mm) 3225+1350