How to Choose Concrete Mixer Machine Types

  With rapid development of construction industry, many people would like to invest in a concrete mixer machine or plant. Generally speaking, there are three aspects you should pay attention to in choosing concrete mixer types: project time and volume, desired kinds of concrete, and composition and density of wanted concrete.
concrete mixer machine

  Project time and volume is the first factor to be taken into account, because they decide the rough capacity of the mixer to be chosen. If the construction project is huge with a long period, you should consider concrete mixers of a large capacity or a stationary concrete batching plant. If, on the other hand, a project is small and short, smaller mixers can totally meet the requirement. Desired kinds of concrete refers to whether you want to produce plastic or hard concrete. Self-falling mixers are perfect enough for yielding plastic or half-plastic concrete, while compulsive mixers can provide concrete of high strength, good dryness and light weight. The composition features and density of concrete also plays a crucial role in choosing concrete mixer machine types. If the concrete has a small density and large-sized aggregates, a large concrete batching plant is necessary. If the concrete has a big density and large-sized aggregates, you can choose a batching plant with a fast mixing speed. If the concrete has a big density yet small aggregates, both compulsive mixers and cone-type mixers of reverse discharging are suitable.